Daniel Reinoso, Biography


Daniel Reinoso was born on February 18, 1981 in Quito, Ecuador. Son of the plastic artist Enrique Reinoso and Mrs. Graciela Granizo.



During his high school years at La Salle High School he found his calling towards drawing and painting. Thereupon he attended Metropolitan Institute “LA METRO”, which became his guide and lead towards the introduction to the graphic representation techniques.


As his career advanced, he mastered drawing and high contrast. In fact, his dissertation was the study of the nib pen technique. Its inspiration and delight on the nature was brought to light on his “SERIE AMAZONÍA”.


Once he joined his father studio, Daniel specialized on the development of portraits, landscapes and still life, where he could polish and perfect his oil technique. The gathering of experience in watercolor, pastel and acrylic paint would also accompany his evolution as an artist.


Daniel Reinoso focused mainly on the Ecuadorian native man and women and started drawing popular characters from his environment (markets, processions, popular holidays, etc.). Consequently, in the midst of his technique development he encountered the need of reducing the focus on objects and heightening man to a leading role on the scene. This approach had a high level of acceptance, leading him to be already an internationally recognized artist. Along these lines, Daniel Reinoso made the most of his gift for his intuition, aesthetic feeling and the purity on the canvas.


In this progression, he met the need of his visual language to expand his horizons; hence, his studio incorporated the nature of the Andes, evocative of his home country. Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, El Altar, Antisana, Cayambe, Los Illinizas, Corazón, Rumiñahui, among others, became the common denominator on the portrayal of his artwork; the magnificence of these mountains embodied altogether with the personages coexisting with these surroundings.


In these type of paintings, Daniel Reinoso applies the minimalism. His idea is bearded with simplicity, which is universal; reflecting and producing diverse emotions on the viewer. Peace, tranquility, loneliness, light, air, are some of the terms used by different clients around the world to define his art.   


In conclusion, Daniel Reinoso is a young artist who keeps on perfecting ceaselessly his technique, and specially, the oil painting.


His artistic training as well as his life experience are tied to the day-by-day and his constant work at the studio. Therefore, he is becoming a distinctive artist particularly for his landscapes, his depiction of spaces, contrasts, light and life.


… May your art help to affirm that true beauty which, as a glimmer of the Spirit of God, will transfigure matter, opening the human soul to the sense of the eternal.

John Paul II